Yacht Owners Inspire Giving

Tom Mukamal, CEO of IGY Marinas, has set out on a unique journey during the past several months. As a way to give back and make a lasting impression on the communities in which his business operates, he initiated an outreach program which targets local charitable organizations.

On February 2016, Island Global Yachting launched its first “Inspire Giving Through You” outreach initiative. To celebrate the companies eleven years in business, more than 300 volunteers came together in an effort to restore eight IGY marinas. The project employed boat owners and workers and aimed to inspire individuals and organizations to invest in their own communities. Plans for the follow-up to the hugely successful campaign were already in preparation for June 11, 2016. In addition to US marinas expected to benefit from the program, IGY reached as far out as Panama and the Caribbean. The yachting company went to work transforming marinas into daycare facilities, elderly homes, and Boys and Girls Clubs.

The motivation for this developing trend to work alongside nonprofits and get them closely networked into the community. So far, the luxury yacht company has made its rounds along the United States east coast. The program targets the locations from which it operates, urging employees and yacht club sponsors to become more active within their local neighborhoods. As part of the operation’s efforts to provide for the residents in these areas, particularly children, IGY has been collecting clothing, non-perishable goods, playground equipment, and other items that will help move the initiative forward.

The outreach sets the tone for business owners and serves as a representation of what companies aspire towards within their own communities. “Inspire Giving Through You” participants have invested energy and resources into building, for the company and themselves, a much needed local presence. Renovations are intended to not only improve the look of the facilities, but also enhance the safety of the people who will take shelter in them. Since its incorporation in 2005, IGY has been purchasing marinas along with portions of the surrounding properties. The company has already been making arrangements to move forward …

The Best Places to Buy Home Windows

There are many essential things that need to be purchased whenever building a home. Of course, the house would need doors, but it would also need some windows. There are many different places to shop for new windows for a home in the state of Maryland. All of these places have been praised for providing excellent service as well as amazing products.

One of the top places to buy windows for a home in Maryland is called Champion Windows. Champion Windows is a company that prides themselves in custom manufacturing their windows for their customer’s needs. This company also is known for going to great lengths in order to provide the best customer service possible in order to assure future business. Champion Windows also provides window installation to homes and any other building that is needing some windows. Customers have mentioned that Champion Windows can get a little pricey, but it is worth it in the end because of the amazing quality and durability of their windows.

Another company that is highly praised in the state of Maryland is Home Depot. This company has been up and running ever since 1978, which is the year that Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank first open the doors of Home Depot to customers. Ever since, the Home Depot has been providing customers with all of their home necessities for every room in their homes. One of their specialties is windows. They have an entire department dedicated to windows along with a few people who have been trained to help their customers find the window that will provide them with great satisfaction in the long run.

ACI Supply Company is another one of those popular window companies that can be found in the state of Maryland. ACI Supply Company is well known for their standard steel made products, including windows. Their products are very durable and do not hurt their customers wallet quite as bad as many of the other companies. ACI Supply has been around for many years, and ever since they first opened, they have specialized in serving their customers and making …

The Top Ten Places to Visit While in Miami’s Design District

People visit Miami for many different reasons, not the least if which is the warm weather and gorgeous beaches. Recently visitors have taken an interest in an area that was once an avoided by most, the Design District and Wynwood. It consists of a mere five streets, but seems to have a lot to offer. (NE 36th to NE 41st) and NE 2nd to Miami Avenue. The area began as a pineapple grove, and became known as Decorators Row during the 1920s when the streets were filled with home-design stores.

The area started having hard times in the late 80s when the high crime rate drove many businesses out of the area. Wynwood restaurants, designer boutiques and art displays have revitalized the area. Craig Robins, a pioneer of the South Beach area, currently owns around 40 percent of the property in the Design District. He recently purchased the 24-foot prototype of Buckminster Fuller’s Fly’s Eye Dome in Palm Court. The 1921 Moore Building, at 4040 NE 2nd Ave., is at the heart of the district. It was a furniture showroom, back in the day; it’s now the business of interior designer and famous potter, Jonathan Adler.

Other areas that are must visit locations in the Design District include:

• GK Bistronomie, is a culinary piece of artwork. In Wynwood, with a spacious dining room, with white pine tables. Their Peruvian dishes are mouthwatering. Their indoor-outdoor bar and walls are lined with various works of art.

• Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is another great eatery in the District. They opened during Art Basel 2010. A neighborhood tavern, it fits in well with its artsy surroundings. The food has a Pan-Latin flavor, including pigiillo pepper puree and corn salsa. Enjoy some of the special fruit drinks served while being amazed by the floor-to-ceiling mural in the bar and lounge area.

• Wynwood Walls: Started during Art Basel, as a few commissioned murals, it has developed into Miami’s only outdoor street art park. More than 40 murals from, world-renowned artists including Shepard Falrey, Ryan McGuinness, Kenny Scharf, How and Nosm, Retna, the Date …

Chocolatiers of New York

It seems that the bean-to-bar chocolate movement is going strong in the United States. Every week, new chocolate makers arrive on the scene, and there are even organizations devoted to the pursuit of bean-to-bear chocolate making. Everything about the enterprise sounds delightful, no?

The movement has grown at a rate of 63% a year since 2004, and there’s plenty to learn about it. Many small batch manufacturers, like the Mast Brothers in Brooklyn are making delightful, high quality chocolates that you’re sure to appreciate.

Let’s talk a bit more about what bean-to-bar chocolate is all about. It means, basically, that a company makes chocolate directly from the beans, rather than buying chocolate and making its bars from that. This leads to a few things. As you might guess, this builds a relationship between the farmer and the chocolate maker, and it also creates sustainable and ethical relations of production.

This means that the producer pays more than fair trade rates, and this ensures a commitment to the communities on the other side of the production chain. It also says something about the quality of the chocolate, if the producer is able to choose the beans first-hand. This way, the producer controls everything. And it tastes better.

The flavors from the beans are preserved this way, and the taste is distinctive. This is the same type of quality that you might think about in terms of wine or coffee, and as you may not know, scientists have discovered more than 600 different flavors in chocolate. And the bean-to-bar chocolate is the best way to get a sense of this.

There are numerous bean-to-bar chocolate makers around the country, and you’re sure to love the variety of products that are produced this way. So, if you try it, you may be hooked pretty soon. And we recommend getting hooked on something this delicious, for sure.

The best chocolate shops in New York include LI-LAC, which has been around for 100 years and is located in the West Village, and Jacques Torres, which opened its doors in DUMBO before the Shake Shack …

Home Windows, a One-time Investment

Most adults dreams of owning a home, a place where they can raise a family and grow old. Many will settle for an existing house they spent possibly years meticulously searching for; while others prefer to build one to their particular specifications. Whatever the particular case might be, a possible truth is that windows will be needed. For builders, it is a must. For buyers, it is a maybe as renovating and energy efficiency is often sought.

What should buyers look for when purchasing windows?
The first step is to gather a list of companies and asses their offers. Honesty, experience and reliability should be evident. Thompson Creek Window Company Review, a Maryland review site for Thompson Creek Windows is a great example. For starters, they offer a free comprehensive and detailed estimate, with a fixed price which shows what the buyer needs and what he or she will get for that particular price. They bring along the security of more than thirty years of experience, which is supported by the fact that they guarantee each window will be installed properly on the first attempt, and will fit perfectly so there won’t be a need to pay for additional trim or paint work. It is no wonder their customers say they are honest, ethical, and trustworthy.

Need new windows? Know the options!
The need for new windows can manifest itself in various ways. It could be that they are decades past their prime and are broken, rotting, and peeling. It could be that outside noises sound like they are inside, or that superhuman strength is needed to open or close them. Whatever the situation, every buyer needs to know what the available options are. A company like American Home Center, Inc., which serves Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC, offers different models and brands of vinyl, fiberglass, wood, garden and storm windows. Their level of repeat business is of 84%, and use no high pressure sales tactics. That explains it!

Looking for energy efficiency?
Energy efficiency is a must in this day and age, and many homeowners tend to …