Top Entertainment Venues in Miami’s Design District

The Miami Design District is home to innovative fashion, art, architecture and fine, classy cuisine that blends with the Latino-American taste and lifestyle. But the city is not complete without designated high-end entertainment venues. Large square feet venues each with different attractive settings offer people more dignified, firsthand experience, and a time-honored memory.

Among the most palpable entertainment destinations in the District include luxurious restaurants, lounges and event venues. The most common include:

Chrome Hearts

Entertainment and art are inseparable. That’s why you will find all kinds of luxurious modern crafted accessories in Chrome Hearts in Miami’s Design District. At this venue, clients have the chance to buy any piece of jewelry they need. The place comprises of artists, designers and exclusive artisans. The highly experience craftsmen give attention to finer, detailed designs ranging from furniture, jewelry and any other customized item that clients may require.

Palm Court Palm Court event space is beautifully set with palm dots, which defines its ecstatic nature. The court has a 250 reception and 120 seated capacity, which makes the small volume of guest space more comfortable and enjoyable. The 4,947- square- feet building commands extreme architectural design and floral decoration that gives guests the opportunity to spend quality time in this piece of art.

The Moore Building

When one needs to organize an entertainment event, then they should consider the Moore Building. The archaic venue is located right at the center of the Miami Design District, making it easily noticeable and accessible. The 21,000 square-feet building is capable of accommodating over 2,250 people for reception events and 1,100 for seated events. It is cool and cozy to enhance comfort and VIP experience.

Having a good meal prepared by award winning chefs makes the Moore one of the best entertainment destinations. No one can claim to be fully entertained without engaging their appetite in round of salacious and mouth-watering cuisines. Some of the restaurants in the district include:

The Abaco Premium Wines

You can enjoy high vintage wine from the ABACO Premium Wines. Wine tasting rounds by their highly trained staff will leave …

Time to Invest in San Diego

Real estate values in San Diego are on the rise again. After a slump a few years ago, housing prices and property values have seen remarkable increases in the past few months. Presently, however, the cost to rental value ratio is low, meaning this is the time to buy rental properties in San Diego and its surrounding areas. Apartment buildings aside, the best investment is a single-family dwelling, not only because of the likely increase in value, but because of the rental return on the initial investment.

San Diego is a much desired place to live. It is a warm sub-tropical coastal city in Southern California. It boasts beaches and amusement parks, zoos and recreation areas. These amenities have a direct influence on the desirability of the location, and the recent upswing in property values show this effect very well.

It is easy to buy property in San Diego and then rent it out through a property management company. Real estate investments, over the past twenty years, have outperformed the stock market by two to one according to real estate experts like Than Merrill, owner of Fortunebuilders – a real estate investment company based out of SD. In fact San Diego has been one of the best markets for a substantial return on your investment, far outpacing many other locations in California and throughout the country.

San Diego is a growth city; more people arrive every day, and it is experiencing a housing shortage with a business boom. This scenario interests lenders, too. Lenders are more willing to lend on a property that has the potential to sharply increase in value than one that will remain static or show slow growth. The National Association of Realtors recently announced that San Diego was the fifth hottest market for investments in January, with an average stay on the market of only 53 days.

With all of this going for it, San Diego appears to be one of the top locations for investment purposes, for both large and small investors. The properties would be well worth the effort of an investigation by …

The Magical Miami Design District

Miami has become one of the worlds most visited tourist destinations in the world! With its bright lights, party atmosphere, and warm weather year round, tourists and locals visit Miami to have fun and relax, and visit breathtaking beaches that go on for miles.

One of the most visited attractions in Miami, is the newly opened electrifying Craig Robin’s Miami Design District, specializing in one of the best shopping and culinary experiences. With the participation of famous architects, the Design District shows its dedication to fashion, art, architecture, design, and dining, where some of the most famous people and celebrities have been spotted. From once being a pineapple farm to now having the most beautifully designed upscale and luxury boutiques, this open-air shopping hub has become one of the most frequented fashion havens in the country. Some of the boutiques are Dior, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Cartier, Burberry, Bvlgari, Celine, Christian Louboutin, Dior Home, Fendi, Prada, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Harry Winston, Hermes, Loewe, Tiffany & Co., and Valentino.

The Miami Design District is conveniently located within the city of Miami, Florida, around 2.8 miles from Downtown Miami, 5 miles from Miami International Airport, and less than 7 miles from the heart of South Beach. There are also plans to add more shops, a 120 room boutique hotel, and luxury residential condos and lofts. Also in the plans are 10 more restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, art galleries, and garages that artistically designed.

Part of the new development includes restaurants owned by celebrity chefs, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Joel Robuchon. Among the celebrities, Emilio and Gloria Estefan are honored to open the first Cuban restaurant. Dior is one of the newest fashion shops opening, featuring a VIP salon and a terrace for customers to enjoy drinks and entertain. With trending eateries and bars, and high-end shops, celebrities like George Clooney, Beyoncé, Sylvester Stallone, and Madonna are just a few of the stars that have been spotted there. Kate Hudson visited to attend a party, and Miranda Kerr was also there for a private party thrown by Louis Vuitton. Leonardo DiCaprio was also seen …

While Many Malls are Closing Up Shop, Others are Capitalizing

The shopping experience in America is currently in a state of evolution. In years past, American consumers of all income brackets flocked to shopping malls to purchase gifts, attire and household goods.

Nowadays these demographics are changing. There are shopping malls that are still flourishing and undergoing major renovations in the United States; most of these tend to be high-end malls located in affluent areas. In less affluent areas, significant numbers of previously lucrative shopping malls are losing their anchors and scrambling to replace the lost income. Many malls have been unable to attract new anchors, resulting in noticeable vacancies or outright closures. Many more shopping malls are in danger of closing soon. However, by all appearances, reports on the total demise of the American shopping mall have been premature and wildly exaggerated.

It is true that malls have closed, and that more malls will probably close soon. reports that the malls in greatest peril are middle-class indoor malls whose most appealing anchor stores are Macys and JCPenney. Both of these chains have closed stores and are planning additional store closures in the future. However, reports on what’s really happening: The evolution that’s taking place isn’t the complete extinction of the shopping mall, but rather its emergence as a new, more appealing type of shopping center. The indoor mall as Americans knew it before is becoming a thing of the past, and mall developers are now headed in a more positive direction.

When creating the new mall of the future, more consideration is being given to the entire experience rather than just providing a favorable shopping experience. One of the best examples is touted by the CEO off Westfield Corp, Peter Lowy, whose company in the midst of several major mall renovations and massive shopping centre projects. To better compete, Westfield is re-creating the mall as a “lifestyle center” — a destination for more than just shopping

In the dying indoor mall of the past, the shopping was the main attraction. It seemed that other fundamental human activities such as eating and using the bathroom were given …

CIII Capital Partners gets best of both worlds with recent acquisition

CII Capital Partners merges the best of both worlds with its recent acquisition of Resource America Inc. CII Capital Partners was already known as a top commercial real estate company and this deal is sure to make them stronger. The deal gives Resource America stockholders 207 million in cash or $9.78 per share. The company’s common stock is set to stop trading on September 8,2016.

CIII Capital believes that this deal will help to expand their platform allowing them to provide commercial real estate debt and equity solutions to both real estate investors and global institutions too. They now manage over 13 billion in assets and services and over 79 billion of commercial mortgage loans. They also take care of 57,000 apartment units located throughout the United States.

The Chairman and CEO, Andrew L. Farkas believes that this deal will put the company in an excellent position for future growth and they will be able to better serve their customers in a diverse and changing market. They will have the best of both worlds on this acquisition by it showcasing a diverse suite of commercial real estate services as well as many investment options under the same management company.

CII Capital oversees defaulted CMBS loans for over 130 CMBS trusts. They are headquartered in Irving, TX and have offices in New York, NY, Greenville, SC, and Nashville, TN. They are one of the largest special services of commercial mortgage backed securities in the United States. They will benefit from Resource America’s existing Capital raising infrastructure through their independent broker network.

They add to their amazing portfolio 1 publicly traded REIT, 4 non-traded REIT’s, and 2 registered investment companies. This deal expands their coverage and services in the commercial real estate debt management realm and helps to solidify their place at the top of the competition. Current clients of this company should not be worried about a drop in level of service or professionalism but should expect the same quality services as before this acquisition deal.…