American Commercial Real Estate is Global

If you want to get a good feel for what and how commercial real estate will be doing this year, you might want to take a look at the list of the 50 most influential real estate figures in America that just came out. These individuals and corporations represent the financing aspect of real estate, and most people would agree that general real estate trends are dictated by the specific real estate financing trends. If that is indeed the case, then 2017 should shape up to be a very good year in commercial real estate.

While most of the individuals and the companies they represent are wholly American, there are a few that are not. In fact, the top 3 on that list represent 3 different countries; China, America and Germany from first to third respectively. This will tell the people who may not have known already that the real estate market in America does not turn on American wheels only. Big players in huge financial markets like China and Germany do just as much to keep our economy going as wholly American companies do.

When you see the facts, figures and numbers that the top 50 list shows you, you will realize just how much of the American economy is influenced by the real estate market, commercial real estate in particular, and how much foreign countries are a part of it all. This will make more clear the fact that we are living in a global economy in 2017. What this means if you are a major player in this industry, is that it would help a great deal if you understood the general and specific economies that the major players here represent.  I’m sure the top 3 do just that, as well as have an uncanny knack for making and brokering the best high-dollar deals there are. Rounding out this years’ list include notable names in real estate like Andrew Farkas, Steve Kenny, Brad Dubeck and Brian Baker, among others.