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Miami’s Dynamic Art Scene

Pharrell Williams has decked out his Miami penthouse with a colossal art collection. Not hard to do considering that Miami’s art world offers several great places for art collectors to explore, experience, and most importantly shop or better yet acquire. Contemporary and modern art reigns supreme in sunny Miami which is only fitting in such a vibrant pulsating city.

Bakehouse Art Complex: A talented variety of artists working on location where art can be purchased on the spot. This is a not-for-profit educational institution which provides opportunities for artistic collaboration.

Emerson Dorsch (formerly Dorsch Gallery): Art gallery located in the famous Wynwood Arts District widely held to be the best in Miami. This gallery represents a core group of South Florida-based artists. It’s founders “foster art patronage and artistic community.” Locust Projects: Made the Best of Miami Art Gallery List of 2013. Established in 1998 and is artist owned. It features art from around the world. This gallery is known for eclectic and experimental projects.

Yeelen Gallery: This trendy spot throws great parties. Yeelen Gallery is “dedicated to the development, promotion and expression of Contemporary Urban Culture.” Art Basel: A premier Miami Beach gallery featuring renowned artists and galleries. Lindemann Jr., Tobey Maguire, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé have been regular visitors and made substantial purchases. Art Basel has a Global Patrons Council of 155 leading private collectors from around the world which has proven instrumental to show development.

Also be sure to attend the local art fairs and festivals including:
Art Miami: The international contemporary and modern art fair. It is also a great showcase for diverse and talented local artists.

Coconut Grove Arts Festival: A fun-filled event for the entire family. It offers a great opportunity to introduce children to the arts and on a grand scale.

Red Dot Art Fair. This fair boasts access to 30,000 art connoisseurs. The best contemporary art signature programs and special events will be offered during Miami Art Week. “Art After Dark” which will feature live art demos, music, and entertainment.

Miami offers a spectacular feast of art that will amaze, delight, and …

How to Pick the Right Maryland Window Company

Maryland weather is not as quiet as some would make it out to seem, as northeasters are not unknown to wreck havoc in these areas. The combination of wind and rain can help cut short the lifespan of any window, especially when combined with the salty air. When it comes to picking the right Maryland window company, it helps to know what the specific needs of the house are before calling. These can include architectural issues, weather issues, even the age of the home; all of these can make things more interesting for a window company looking to replace a broken window or even install a new one.

Given that Maryland has some of the oldest home in the United States, a window company needs to know some of the architectural history of the home in order to make the most effective repair. Because of that some local companies have contacts in some of the local historical societies and include a lot of training to apprentices. This is rather appropriate considering that some homes belong to historical registries and a bad repair can destroy that historical value regardless of how good the repair may be otherwise. That can also make for some interesting conversations when it comes to Thompson Creek window complaints.

The weather itself can make for some interesting conversations by itself. Windows in Maryland need to allow for some rather extreme weather, as local storms can run rather fierce. A good wind can crash even the toughest window, and the rain accompanying it can soak the timbers so badly that they rot in weeks rather than years. This means that the window company needs to allow for that, ensuring that the window is as thick as possible and that the associated wood is as reinforced as can be. While this means that the windows can be a little more expensive it also means that they should last a little longer as well.

This means that a widow company needs to know the latest technology while at the same time how to preserve the historical integrity of even …

Top Entertainment Venues in Miami’s Design District

The Miami Design District is home to innovative fashion, art, architecture and fine, classy cuisine that blends with the Latino-American taste and lifestyle. But the city is not complete without designated high-end entertainment venues. Large square feet venues each with different attractive settings offer people more dignified, firsthand experience, and a time-honored memory.

Among the most palpable entertainment destinations in the District include luxurious restaurants, lounges and event venues. The most common include:

Chrome Hearts

Entertainment and art are inseparable. That’s why you will find all kinds of luxurious modern crafted accessories in Chrome Hearts in Miami’s Design District. At this venue, clients have the chance to buy any piece of jewelry they need. The place comprises of artists, designers and exclusive artisans. The highly experience craftsmen give attention to finer, detailed designs ranging from furniture, jewelry and any other customized item that clients may require.

Palm Court Palm Court event space is beautifully set with palm dots, which defines its ecstatic nature. The court has a 250 reception and 120 seated capacity, which makes the small volume of guest space more comfortable and enjoyable. The 4,947- square- feet building commands extreme architectural design and floral decoration that gives guests the opportunity to spend quality time in this piece of art.

The Moore Building

When one needs to organize an entertainment event, then they should consider the Moore Building. The archaic venue is located right at the center of the Miami Design District, making it easily noticeable and accessible. The 21,000 square-feet building is capable of accommodating over 2,250 people for reception events and 1,100 for seated events. It is cool and cozy to enhance comfort and VIP experience.

Having a good meal prepared by award winning chefs makes the Moore one of the best entertainment destinations. No one can claim to be fully entertained without engaging their appetite in round of salacious and mouth-watering cuisines. Some of the restaurants in the district include:

The Abaco Premium Wines

You can enjoy high vintage wine from the ABACO Premium Wines. Wine tasting rounds by their highly trained staff will leave …

Yacht Owners Inspire Giving

Tom Mukamal, CEO of IGY Marinas, has set out on a unique journey during the past several months. As a way to give back and make a lasting impression on the communities in which his business operates, he initiated an outreach program which targets local charitable organizations.

On February 2016, Island Global Yachting launched its first “Inspire Giving Through You” outreach initiative. To celebrate the companies eleven years in business, more than 300 volunteers came together in an effort to restore eight IGY marinas. The project employed boat owners and workers and aimed to inspire individuals and organizations to invest in their own communities. Plans for the follow-up to the hugely successful campaign were already in preparation for June 11, 2016. In addition to US marinas expected to benefit from the program, IGY reached as far out as Panama and the Caribbean. The yachting company went to work transforming marinas into daycare facilities, elderly homes, and Boys and Girls Clubs.

The motivation for this developing trend to work alongside nonprofits and get them closely networked into the community. So far, the luxury yacht company has made its rounds along the United States east coast. The program targets the locations from which it operates, urging employees and yacht club sponsors to become more active within their local neighborhoods. As part of the operation’s efforts to provide for the residents in these areas, particularly children, IGY has been collecting clothing, non-perishable goods, playground equipment, and other items that will help move the initiative forward.

The outreach sets the tone for business owners and serves as a representation of what companies aspire towards within their own communities. “Inspire Giving Through You” participants have invested energy and resources into building, for the company and themselves, a much needed local presence. Renovations are intended to not only improve the look of the facilities, but also enhance the safety of the people who will take shelter in them. Since its incorporation in 2005, IGY has been purchasing marinas along with portions of the surrounding properties. The company has already been making arrangements to move forward …

Wholesaling and Why it’s the Key to Successful Real Estate Investment

Real estate agents are aware that buying and selling wholesale is more cost-effective and saves them money. However, what people may not realize is that the same thing applies to real estate. Wholesaling is the key to successful investments in real estate.

Wholesaling is much like flipping a house where buyers purchase a home at a minuscule price, house flippers renovate the house and resell the house at double or triple of what they paid for the house in the first place. It is very different because this wholesale agent never purchases the home nor do they make any repairs.

Wholesaling in real estate works like this:

-The real estate wholesaler never buyers the property.
-A wholesale real estate agent makes a contract with a homeowner to sell the home.
-The agent places the home on the real estate market.
-When the agent finds a buyer, the wholesaler assigns his contract to the customers.
-The wholesaler makes his money from the difference between the amount paid by his clients and the actual sum of cash he or she had contracted with the seller before the house went on the market.
-Hardly any money is needed to wholesale.

Time is of the essence for the wholesaler, because they must find a buyer before the house sells on the real estate market and close the deal. The wholesaler is smart enough to know that they may not find a buyer so adds into this contract the ability to back out of the deal if the agent cannot find a buyer before closing.

As a wholesale real estate agent, they have connections to various investors and be able to perform a quick sale of the house. This agent finds wholesaling of properties a lot easier than the job of real estate agents or house flippers.

The key to successful wholesale real estate selling is, the agent must prepare to know all they can in the field. They must have a keen knowledge of the numbers, though networking property investors, appraisers, and researching the property. The agent must line up their prospects and know …