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The Magical Miami Design District

Miami has become one of the worlds most visited tourist destinations in the world! With its bright lights, party atmosphere, and warm weather year round, tourists and locals visit Miami to have fun and relax, and visit breathtaking beaches that go on for miles.

One of the most visited attractions in Miami, is the newly opened electrifying Craig Robin’s Miami Design District, specializing in one of the best shopping and culinary experiences. With the participation of famous architects, the Design District shows its dedication to fashion, art, architecture, design, and dining, where some of the most famous people and celebrities have been spotted. From once being a pineapple farm to now having the most beautifully designed upscale and luxury boutiques, this open-air shopping hub has become one of the most frequented fashion havens in the country. Some of the boutiques are Dior, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Cartier, Burberry, Bvlgari, Celine, Christian Louboutin, Dior Home, Fendi, Prada, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Harry Winston, Hermes, Loewe, Tiffany & Co., and Valentino.

The Miami Design District is conveniently located within the city of Miami, Florida, around 2.8 miles from Downtown Miami, 5 miles from Miami International Airport, and less than 7 miles from the heart of South Beach. There are also plans to add more shops, a 120 room boutique hotel, and luxury residential condos and lofts. Also in the plans are 10 more restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, art galleries, and garages that artistically designed.

Part of the new development includes restaurants owned by celebrity chefs, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Joel Robuchon. Among the celebrities, Emilio and Gloria Estefan are honored to open the first Cuban restaurant. Dior is one of the newest fashion shops opening, featuring a VIP salon and a terrace for customers to enjoy drinks and entertain. With trending eateries and bars, and high-end shops, celebrities like George Clooney, Beyoncé, Sylvester Stallone, and Madonna are just a few of the stars that have been spotted there. Kate Hudson visited to attend a party, and Miranda Kerr was also there for a private party thrown by Louis Vuitton. Leonardo DiCaprio was also seen …

Lower Manhattan Rises Again from Underground

The original World Trade Center had a fabulous mall underneath that spanned the entire plaza. There were wonderful stores, shops, restaurants and at the entrance, at the bottom of Fulton Street, where visitors would access an escalator that would take them below ground to the wonderful concourse, there was a fabulous “Borders” bookstore where invariably there would be some famous person signing copies of their books. It was a majestic place to be, to shop, to work and to enjoy all that lower Manhattan has to offer.

Nothing says “we are back,” after the dreadful turn-of-events that killed so many and decimated World Trade Center Plaza, then the reopening of the venerated concourse. On August 16, the underground mall reopenedwtc-mall-interior once again, and it appears to be bigger and better than the original. This Westfield Mall is “a beacon of hope”, as so eloquently pointed out by the Chief Operating Officer of Westfield, Bill Hecht, in recent comments he made at the reopening of the concourse.

Westfield, one of the most successful mall operators in this country, manages the mall, and the Ports of Authority of both New York and New Jersey own the property on which the mall sits. Over 100 stores are spread over 360,000 square-feet in this must-see mall that is both architecturally pleasing and capitalistically encouraging. Lower Manhattan needs all the attention it can get after those awful events that stole lives, business, commerce and completely negated the industrious energy that was awash across World Trade Center Plaza since its inception.

New retail entrants to this underground shopping mall are Apple, the massive specialty food store/restaurant, Eataly, as well as Ford Motor Company, which is opening up a new digital showroom called FordHub where buyers can become acquainted with their extensive line of products strictly through technology.

“All you have to look at is the Apple Store and Eataly,” said Peter Lowy, one of the two CEOs of Westfield, who attended the opening. “When you look at that, you should have much higher volumes because you have much different retailers that do very, very …

Vacation in Buena Vista Miami Florida

Miami has so many great restaurants and places to see in the Buena Vista area. You will fall in love with the look and feel of Miami. You have the option of sitting inside or outside in restaurants, just in case a famous celebrity walks by your table. Most people, who visit the area once, will most definitely visit again.

Buena Vista East Historic Districts is beautiful and is located on the eastern side on the city. This place has heritage that is dated over a century ago. It is completely ageless and tropical. They also offer the friendliest, safest and kind cities in the United States. Plus they sometimes have weekly filming’s of TV shows. Plus you can take a tour to Millionaire’s Row in Miami.

Frequent sightings in Miami for celebrities include famous stars like Shakira, Julio Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez and of course Gloria Estefan, which usually are seen eating in little quant places like BVB (Buena Vista Bistro). Even Craig Robins has been seen eating at his favorite Cuban restaurant in Miami. The thriving community and culture has many celebrities like the Kardashian’s and Madonna strolling along the beautiful and stylish quintessential streets. It attracts so many people that want sun and fun because it really does have everything you want and need on a vacation. Old world charm with some Cuban influences, make this place an amazing one to visit.

The food scene really hits all the right nooks and crannies. Generous portions covered will anything you want. You can eat out for breakfast, lunch or dinner, for days and days, and still never eat in the same restaurant twice. That’s a lot of places to choose from. Plus, every food you eat is authentic to its region and to the area. Oh, Brunch is also very popular and highly recommended. They have the freshest seafood, Cuban sandwiches, and everything in between to satisfy any palate. There is something for everyone in Buena Vista Miami.

So choosing a place for vacation might not be as hard as it may seem. Buena Vista really has everything …

Yacht Owners Inspire Giving

Tom Mukamal, CEO of IGY Marinas, has set out on a unique journey during the past several months. As a way to give back and make a lasting impression on the communities in which his business operates, he initiated an outreach program which targets local charitable organizations.

On February 2016, Island Global Yachting launched its first “Inspire Giving Through You” outreach initiative. To celebrate the companies eleven years in business, more than 300 volunteers came together in an effort to restore eight IGY marinas. The project employed boat owners and workers and aimed to inspire individuals and organizations to invest in their own communities. Plans for the follow-up to the hugely successful campaign were already in preparation for June 11, 2016. In addition to US marinas expected to benefit from the program, IGY reached as far out as Panama and the Caribbean. The yachting company went to work transforming marinas into daycare facilities, elderly homes, and Boys and Girls Clubs.

The motivation for this developing trend to work alongside nonprofits and get them closely networked into the community. So far, the luxury yacht company has made its rounds along the United States east coast. The program targets the locations from which it operates, urging employees and yacht club sponsors to become more active within their local neighborhoods. As part of the operation’s efforts to provide for the residents in these areas, particularly children, IGY has been collecting clothing, non-perishable goods, playground equipment, and other items that will help move the initiative forward.

The outreach sets the tone for business owners and serves as a representation of what companies aspire towards within their own communities. “Inspire Giving Through You” participants have invested energy and resources into building, for the company and themselves, a much needed local presence. Renovations are intended to not only improve the look of the facilities, but also enhance the safety of the people who will take shelter in them. Since its incorporation in 2005, IGY has been purchasing marinas along with portions of the surrounding properties. The company has already been making arrangements to move forward …

The Top Ten Places to Visit While in Miami’s Design District

People visit Miami for many different reasons, not the least if which is the warm weather and gorgeous beaches. Recently visitors have taken an interest in an area that was once an avoided by most, the Design District and Wynwood. It consists of a mere five streets, but seems to have a lot to offer. (NE 36th to NE 41st) and NE 2nd to Miami Avenue. The area began as a pineapple grove, and became known as Decorators Row during the 1920s when the streets were filled with home-design stores.

The area started having hard times in the late 80s when the high crime rate drove many businesses out of the area. Wynwood restaurants, designer boutiques and art displays have revitalized the area. Craig Robins, a pioneer of the South Beach area, currently owns around 40 percent of the property in the Design District. He recently purchased the 24-foot prototype of Buckminster Fuller’s Fly’s Eye Dome in Palm Court. The 1921 Moore Building, at 4040 NE 2nd Ave., is at the heart of the district. It was a furniture showroom, back in the day; it’s now the business of interior designer and famous potter, Jonathan Adler.

Other areas that are must visit locations in the Design District include:

• GK Bistronomie, is a culinary piece of artwork. In Wynwood, with a spacious dining room, with white pine tables. Their Peruvian dishes are mouthwatering. Their indoor-outdoor bar and walls are lined with various works of art.

• Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is another great eatery in the District. They opened during Art Basel 2010. A neighborhood tavern, it fits in well with its artsy surroundings. The food has a Pan-Latin flavor, including pigiillo pepper puree and corn salsa. Enjoy some of the special fruit drinks served while being amazed by the floor-to-ceiling mural in the bar and lounge area.

• Wynwood Walls: Started during Art Basel, as a few commissioned murals, it has developed into Miami’s only outdoor street art park. More than 40 murals from, world-renowned artists including Shepard Falrey, Ryan McGuinness, Kenny Scharf, How and Nosm, Retna, the Date …